We're working on a variety of useful things to help everyone write, write more and write better.


Structure template: use this to pick out the catalyst, objective, obstacles, climax and resolution in your story. 

Character questionnaire: use these 100+ questions to bring your characters to life! 



Got a novel idea?

Our twelve part programme makes sense of the novel writing process, going step by step through the different stages and highlighting the common pitfalls. The first six classes focus on how to plan a novel and the second six focus on editing. You can either dip in and out of the different sessions or work your way through from conception right through to submission.



Part One

Session 1: Playing with words

This first session looks at how we use words, how we can move them around and do amazing things with them and how we use them to transfer the ideas in our minds to the reader’s imagination.



Session 2: Creating a structure that stand up

This next session looks at how to build a strong structure and how to avoid some of the common pitfalls.




Session 3: Crafting the world for your story

 This session looks at setting and how you can carefully craft the world inside your novel and use it to help keep your reader reading.



Session 4: Living, breathing characters

This session explores how to develop characters from vague outlines to living, breathing people that come off the page.

Additional resource: Character questionnaire.



Session 5: My voice, your voice, their voice

This session explores some key parts of choosing your narrative voice and some things to be aware of, even avoid!, when developing the voice for your novel.



Session 6: Keeping your reader in mind

This session looks at identifying your reader and how to transfer the story from your imagination to theirs as effectively as possible, via the words on the page.




Part Two

Session 7: Got a novel idea?

This next installment sets up part two of the programme, focusing on how to edit a novel, and looks at the inner-workings of a commercial publishing house and what your book needs to do to stand the best chance of navigating the tricky road to publication.





Session 8: Structural solutions

This session goes back over the fundamental principles of structure (covered in session 2 'Creating a structure that stands up') and provides practical advice on how to identify common weaknesses in your structure and work towards eliminating them.



Session 9: Every character has a story

This session continues on from session number 8 and looks at how character and plot intertwine. The video focuses on character roles, subplots and internal journeys and outlines what these aspects are, how they work and how to avoid the pitfalls associated with them. 

Additional resource: North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell chapter breakdown.

Session 10: Just the right words

This session looks at three technical aspects of language: the narrator’s relation to the story, vocabulary and tone and how to utilise them in order to choose the right words to craft a really superb story.



Session 11: Line by line

This session looks at how to do a line by line edit on your novel, in order to cut out the unnecessary bits, strengthen the weak bits and make the whole thing shiny and more appealing to your readers. 



Session 12: Submission and beyond

This session looks at the process of submitting your novel to an agent of publisher, including key aspects like research, formatting and putting together a cover letter, as well as what happens after you've submitted and what to do if the submission is unsuccessful.




We are thrilled to be able to offer the novel writing videos and other resources for free. But, of course, they aren't free for us to put together so we appreciate any and all donations. Thank you for your support!