Are you a writer?

Never mind if you’re embarking on your first short story or your fourteenth novel. Writers write. Just as musicians play music and artists create art.

And yet, as writers, we can feel we won't be taken seriously or even be allowed to call ourselves writers, if we haven't got a published book to back it up. Why does being published mean a writer is taken seriously, rather than them taking their writing seriously in order to have it published?

We're issuing a call to writers to take their writing seriously and learn the technique, the same way someone would learn to play an instrument or cook or figure skate. 

And, to help you get there, we're offering encouragement, advice and training through resources and feedback.

Writing Resources

Our free online resources mean everyone everywhere can get help with their writing. The current highlight is our popular twelve part writing course on how to plan, write and edit a novel, starting with video number one: Playing with words.




We provide honest, invaluable, detailed one-on-one feedback, with a good dollop of encouragement thrown in. Our service is flexible to meet each writer’s needs and everyone starts with an introductory story assessment, so it’s not too serious too soon.